Basic Strategies – Restaurant Operations


Restaurant staff includes Managers, Executive Chef and Servers. All positions in the restaurant are handled by Food Souls. Once your restaurant reaches a certain level, you’ll be able to unlock the Sous Chef position along with more Server slots.

M rarity Food Souls have unique restaurant skills. Whether its increasing customer inflow or profits, M rarity Food Souls are great to have in the restaurant. Master Attendant, make sure to allocate these Food Souls efficiently in the restaurant to maximize returns!

When Food Souls are put to work, they also get tired. Make sure to keep their freshness up by giving them time to rest. Place Food Souls into the Ice Arena or feed them Refresh Medicine to help them recover their freshness! 

When customers are satisfied with your recipes, they’ll give generous tips. Tips are a type of currency you’ll be able to spend on items in the store.

Missions are also available in the restaurant. Complete these missions to receive gold and treasure chests.
Work hard to manage to your restaurant and you’ll have an endless supply of Gold and items!