Basic Strategies – Food Soul Training


Food Souls in Food Fantasy are your combat companions. Thus, it is very important that you develop and train them correctly!

Master Attendants can use experience bottle to level up your Food Souls. Every time you level up your Food Souls, you’ll be able to check their massive stat boosts. Experience bottles can be obtained by sweeping stages or completing levels. 

Normal, energy and CP skills can be leveled up by consuming gold and seasoning. The higher the level these skills are the greater the effect and power.

Make sure to collect Food Soul shards used to ascend your Food Souls. Ascending Food Souls will greatly increase their overall stats and power! A five-star Food Soul possess massive power beyond your imagination!

Equip a powerful Fallen Angel to further increase your Food Souls Power. Equip the right Fallen Angel based on your Food Soul type and preference. Choosing the right Fallen Angel for your Food Soul can have massive power increase effects!